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Hernia mesh patch recall letters were sent to physicians and patients in March 2006. Specific lot numbers in the synthetic hernia mesh patch recall were manufactured between December 2005 and March 2006. Approximately 100,000 Composix Kugel Hernia Mesh Patches were designated as defective. Our hernia patch lawyers and medical settlement attorneys can investigate your repair surgery, and aggressively represent your lawsuit.

The flawed hernia mesh patches contained defective "memory rings," the element that opens the patch inside the intra-abdominal space. If the memory ring breaks from stress during a surgery implant, serious complications can develop. After the hernia mesh patch recall, patients were diagnosed with abnormal passageways (chronic intestinular fistulae) between intestines and other organs. The purpose of the Kugel Hernia Mesh Patch is to serve as a "patch" enabling the surgeon to stitch the stomach together in the event stomach muscles are too weak or too thin to stitch.

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Nadrich Law has formed a team of experienced hernia patch lawyers, settlement attorneys, and medical professionals to interpret the complex legal rights cases stemming from the hernia mesh patch recall. Working on a contingency basis, we are representing surgery patients nationwide in the defective memory ring lawsuits.

Hernia mesh patch failure can cause severe risk to your health. For more information about the hernia mesh patch recall/Kugel Hernia Mesh Patch recall, consult a specialized hernia patch lawyer from Nadrich Law. Defective synthetic patches used in repair surgery can cause serious abdominal and intestinal problems, and you will need a qualified settlement attorney to handle your case.