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  defective hernia patch

Defective hernia patches, known as defective Kugel Hernia Patches, used in hernia repair surgery can cause serious intestinal conditions during recovery. The faulty hernia mesh patch may break during placement in the intra-abdominal space, resulting in abnormal connections between intestines and other organs. If you are suffering from these problems, consult our injury attorneys/injury lawyers for assistance with your recall or malpractice lawsuit.

We are currently representing victims of defective hernia patches nationwide, vigorously investigating their legal rights, and seeking proper compensation on their behalf. Approximately 100,000 units have been recalled, and if you suffered medical side effects caused by a defective Kugel Hernia Patch, contact our injury attorneys/injury lawyers for a free professional consultation.

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Medical problems resulting from the defective memory ring in a faulty hernia mesh patch include bowel perforations, and/or chronic intestinular fistaulae. If you have had repair surgery, and notice symptoms such as unexplained abdominal pain, tenderness in the implant area, or fever, you may be suffering from the effects of a defective Kugel Hernia Patch.

Defective hernia patch victims nationwide are depending on the experienced injury attorneys and injury lawyers from Nadrich Law. Hernia repair surgery is normally a simple procedure, however, a defective Kugel Hernia Patch can cause health problems during recovery. Although the faulty hernia mesh patches have been recalled, many malpractice victims have filed lawsuits, and we can help you file a successful settlement claim.